School Activities & Events

Fall Picnic Potluck

This opening event occurs just after the start of the school year. It is a time to meet your child's classmates and their families - and share your favorite dish.

Fall Book Fair

Children and parents may visit the Fall Book Fair held at school each year in the month of October. The book Fair not only helps the school to raise funds for special projects and equipment, it also helps children to discover the rich reward of reading.


Parent Education Evenings

The school provides meetings, lectures and demonstrations of the Montessori apparatus to familiarize parents with the ideas and philosophy of Dr. Montessori.  Understanding the Montessori approach can help parents work harmoniously with the school


Holiday Program

This celebration of the season is held in December each year. All children 5 years and older participate in the festive program. All families are invited to come for the children's spirited presentation followed by a delectable bake sale.

Spring Fair

The school's annual Spring Fair offers food, fun, crafts, and activities for the entire family. A silent auction highlights the festivities.

End-of-Year Picnic

After dismissal on the last day of school, all families are invited to pack a picnic basket and join the rest of the school on the lawn for lunch.

Fathers' and Mothers' Nights

Individual evenings with your child at school enable you to work with your child and meet his or her friends. These evenings usually last about an hour.

Grandparents' Day

This is a special day each year for grandparents to join their grandchildren in their classes, see their work, and meet their teachers and friends.

Spring Musical

The Mater Amoris Players present a musical each year in the spring. All Junior children participate in the production.

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